Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My MOST Memorable Event in KIC!


There were so many things that I had experienced in KIC along with my friends.
Everything that happened was very unforgettable and are so precious to ME

Every event that happened in KIC was also very precious to me...
My most memorable event was MAULIDUR RASUL!

This event was my most favourite because it brought all of me and my classmate together!

We had banner competition...

That was our beautiful banner which was design by our class artist JANNAH
 And we all painted the banner together...
we won 2nd place though...
it was still awesome as we all worked together and the result was GREAT!

The day of the celebration:

Ready for the parade around the college...
my silly, silly class!
love them!

This was taken during our dinner after the parade...
on this day each of the class decided to wear the same colour of clothing.
My class decided to wear black!
It was very memorable to me because each one of manage to wear black!
How cool is THAT!

My whole class sat together during the dinner...
aren't we so close to each other!
That is the bond of EMILY DICKINSON!

Picture taken when we were having our dinner together...

Here are some more...


Pictures taken during the celebration!

That is all!


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