Tuesday, 1 May 2012


In everyone's life there will always be a special moment....
An unforgettable moment...

I'm going to tell you my unforgettable memory...

When I was in Standard 6, my mom told me a very surprising question. She said to me if I wanted another sibling. "Kakak, nak adik x?" my mom said. I, without any hesitation said yes! "Nak!". Then she continued, a baby sister or a baby boy. I told her I wanted a baby  sister since there are already 2 boys at home...hehehe.
Few months passed by and my mom told me again if I wanted a sibling and I again told her without any hesitation that I want a baby sister. At first, I was not curious to the question she asked me, but then as she kept asking me this question for so many times I became very-very curious. At last, I told my mom why does she always ask me this question until then she told me that.....
I was so surprise as if I was the want who was pregnant! hehehe...I was so happy that I still could not believe her untill she showed me the picture of a scanned baby. My mom told me that she was not sure if it's a baby boy or a baby girl but it does not matter to me. I'm a lot me happier to received the news that I'm going to have a new brother/sister. As my mother's belly grew bigger a lot of people kept saying to my mom that it's going to be a baby girl. I was happy to hear that but I did not put up my hope to high as I don't want to get disappointed. I told myself to wait until the day that the baby was born. 

ON DECEMBER 25, 2006:
A baby girl named NOR IRDINA was born...(MY LITTLE SISTER)
The happiest person is or course me because I got a baby sister!
What I hoped for all these times!

Nor Irdina = 1 day

Nor Irdina and Meor Mirza (my younger brother)

cute nana...

More Pictures of Nana..

During 'cukur jabul'

During her Birthday...

When she knows how to 'meniarap' hehe..

And this is her TODAY!!

Isn't she cute....

That's all about my

Thank you 


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