Tuesday, 1 May 2012


In everyone's life there will always be a special moment....
An unforgettable moment...

I'm going to tell you my unforgettable memory...

When I was in Standard 6, my mom told me a very surprising question. She said to me if I wanted another sibling. "Kakak, nak adik x?" my mom said. I, without any hesitation said yes! "Nak!". Then she continued, a baby sister or a baby boy. I told her I wanted a baby  sister since there are already 2 boys at home...hehehe.
Few months passed by and my mom told me again if I wanted a sibling and I again told her without any hesitation that I want a baby sister. At first, I was not curious to the question she asked me, but then as she kept asking me this question for so many times I became very-very curious. At last, I told my mom why does she always ask me this question until then she told me that.....
I was so surprise as if I was the want who was pregnant! hehehe...I was so happy that I still could not believe her untill she showed me the picture of a scanned baby. My mom told me that she was not sure if it's a baby boy or a baby girl but it does not matter to me. I'm a lot me happier to received the news that I'm going to have a new brother/sister. As my mother's belly grew bigger a lot of people kept saying to my mom that it's going to be a baby girl. I was happy to hear that but I did not put up my hope to high as I don't want to get disappointed. I told myself to wait until the day that the baby was born. 

ON DECEMBER 25, 2006:
A baby girl named NOR IRDINA was born...(MY LITTLE SISTER)
The happiest person is or course me because I got a baby sister!
What I hoped for all these times!

Nor Irdina = 1 day

Nor Irdina and Meor Mirza (my younger brother)

cute nana...

More Pictures of Nana..

During 'cukur jabul'

During her Birthday...

When she knows how to 'meniarap' hehe..

And this is her TODAY!!

Isn't she cute....

That's all about my

Thank you 



Today I am going to share with you about my sweet and lovely FAMILY!

They are the MOST IMPORTANT people in a person's life!
Including me!
In today's post I am going to share with you about my IMPORTANT people...

Let's start off by talking about the leader of the family...
that is FATHER 

This is my handsome father. Mr. Meor Fakharruddin.
He is 46 years old.
He is a very funny person and just love to joke around in the house but not many people knows about his funny side because he never shows his funny side to others except to his family.
He is also very caring.
He loves to watch TV and sleeping.


Isn't she pretty.
Isn't she lovely.
That's my MOM of course. Mrs. Anilah.
Many people says I look exactly LIKE HER! 
copy and paste! 
My mom is a very strict person. She is strict in order to make sure that me and my siblings do not do become bad children. Furthermore, she loves to collect cute stuff. Anything that is cute to her eyes she will get it!
Isn't she CUTE!

Next is...

This is ME. I am the oldest child in my family.
I am currently studying at Kirkby International College. I am taking TESL.
I am a very cheerful person. I love to make friends and love to surf the internet.


This is my second younger brother. Isn't he COOL. He is Meor Amirul Aiman.
He is 16 years old.
He also loves to surf the internet and he loves to surf the internet about the latest gadgets.
I am very close to him because he is very kind, nice and patient. Furthermore, we always share our problems, secrets and stories together. 


This is my 3rd younger brother. His name is Meor Mirza
He is 13 years old.
He just love to eat and as you can see in the picture shows how much he loves eating.
Furthermore, he loves to play online game and he can play online game almost the whole day!
Sometimes, I like to disturb him while he is playing...
He also enjoys playing sports. His favourite is soccer but he enjoys playing other sports too such as badminton, handball and volleyball.


This is my cutie little pie! Her name is Nor Irdina.
She is 6 years old.
She was born on 25th December. She is a Christmas Baby! She loves pink so very much. She also loves to draw and all of her drawings are just so cute!

so that is all about MY FAMILY!


My MOST Memorable Event in KIC!


There were so many things that I had experienced in KIC along with my friends.
Everything that happened was very unforgettable and are so precious to ME

Every event that happened in KIC was also very precious to me...
My most memorable event was MAULIDUR RASUL!

This event was my most favourite because it brought all of me and my classmate together!

We had banner competition...

That was our beautiful banner which was design by our class artist JANNAH
 And we all painted the banner together...
we won 2nd place though...
it was still awesome as we all worked together and the result was GREAT!

The day of the celebration:

Ready for the parade around the college...
my silly, silly class!
love them!

This was taken during our dinner after the parade...
on this day each of the class decided to wear the same colour of clothing.
My class decided to wear black!
It was very memorable to me because each one of manage to wear black!
How cool is THAT!

My whole class sat together during the dinner...
aren't we so close to each other!
That is the bond of EMILY DICKINSON!

Picture taken when we were having our dinner together...

Here are some more...


Pictures taken during the celebration!

That is all!